8E Quarterly Subscription

The subscription series is temporarily sold out. Thank you!

The 8E Quarterly Subscription launched February 1, 2013. It features a Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Art & Design piece sent directly to your door. Each season's piece is a surprise, and rotates amongst materials such as paper, wood and collaborations in paper and wood. The 8E Quarterly Subscription is a fantastic way to curate four small art pieces into your home. Give it as a wedding, birthday or anniversary gift.

The subscription pieces are exclusive to subscribers, who receive all 4 seasons for $200 + shipping. They are not available in the general collection until 4 months after their launch and at a premium rate. You can sign up for the subscription at any time during the year. Pieces are launched 1 month before they ship: Spring March 1 (ships April 1), Summer May 1 (ships June 1), Fall August 1 (ships September 1), and Winter November 1 (ships December 1).

If you purchase the 8E Quarterly Subscription as a gift, please remember to add your message in the 'Note to Seller' in Paypal. Email us at hello (at) eight emperors (dot) com if you have any questions!



Sold Out